All of my belts are created with the same attention to detail as heirloom quality goods.  Each belt's design is taken into careful consideration, and each product is unique. With a limited run of each fabric, check back frequently to see fresh fabrics and new product launches. Woven silk, fine wool, and cotton seersucker are a few of my favorite fabrics to design with. While Logan Richard is known for repp stripe belts, Spring 2016 will see the introduction of a pink cotton seersucker belt as well as a line of heavy duty, 6.25 oz. Martexin Original waxed cotton belts and dog accessories. These product will last a lifetime, and each waxed cotton belt or dog collar is durable enough to last a lifetime with proper care. 

The pink seersucker belt for men and women will be released Spring 2016. These belts are reminiscent of barbecues on Nantucket and perfect days on Lake Champlain. Cotton seersucker belts are handcrafted of 100% pink and white cotton seersucker fabric, sewn onto men's and women's English bridle belts. Women's pink seersucker belts are perfectly worn at the waist with a simple white dress. Men's seersucker belts can be either dressed up with a Navy blazer and chinos, or dressed down with a pair of bright shorts and a polo. White and Pink Cotton Seersucker Belts are a perfect gift for the distinguished New England Gentleman, or the discerning  lady. With the seersucker sewn onto a full leather belt, it is more durable than any seersucker belt on the market.  The belts are also ideal for the equestrian, and the pink seersucker pairs nicely with the riding pants. 

The Repp Stripe belt has long been a staple in the preppies wardrobe. The classic d-ring, grosgrain belt has held up the trousers of men and women alike for centuries. Companies such as Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren have taken the regimental stripes of the British military and produced accessories that allow us to add a bit of playful color to any outfit with their "D" and "O"-ring belts. With a tip of the hat to these companies, Logan Richard looks to build on this foundation and present a truly unique repp belt offering. Our full line of products is also crafted here in the States, unlike many of their grosgrain brethren. Production in the US (chiefly New England) allows us to keep quality and attention to detail consistent. You can feel the heirloom quality the second you pick one up.

 Logan Richard has taken the repp stripe belt to new heights, replacing the grosgrain with the finest English necktie silk.  The fibers of silk are so incredibly fine, the belts have a unique sheen and reflect light, the same as your favorite necktie. For durability and added style, the silk is hand-sewn onto a full length brown leather belt, and finished with all brass hardware. While a repp stripe necktie will never go out of style, those who are bold enough can incorporate a bit of Ivy League pop to any outfit with a Logan Richard belt.

Checkout the Vermont Repp Stripe belt, featured here in the Rebates Zone Father's Day Gift Guide:



As a recent graduate of the University of Vermont (Go Catamounts!), I feel  a deep connection to my school and the city of Burlington, VT. With this in mind, I designed a green and gold repp stripe belt to represent the school that provided me with such an incredible four years. The list of schools continues to grow, and I am proud to offer collegiate stripe belts to show your pride for the ol' alma mater. A burgundy and white stripe for Harvard or a  forest green and white belt for Dartmouth are just a few of the collegiate stripes offered. A collegiate striped belt is easy and subtle way to add a bit of your school spirit to your normal blazer and khaki getup. Extra points if you pickup the matching collar or leash for the pup. 

Skull and  Bones conjure up all sorts of images to many people. Scurvy pirates of the sea, or even the fabled skull and bones society of Yale University. Rugby Ralph Lauren brought the skull back into the world of fashion with skull and bones heavy-weight rugby shirts and all over printed slacks. Sadly, the brand is no more. Rugby shuttered their doors forever in February of 2013, much to my dismay. 

Celebrating the Rugby school in ----England, the site of the first game of rugby. The phrase "pick it up and run with it" was coined at the school, when one fall day in --- a student by the name of --- picked up the soccer ball during the team's practice. This began the sport of rugby as we know it today.