Turn Your Unused Neckties into Belts!

Logan Richard is proud to offer the unique opportunity to have  your neckties made into belts. Do you have a tie that has great sentimental value, but doesn't get worn as much as it should? Turn it into a belt, and it becomes a piece of your wardrobe that can be worn any day. 


How It Works

  1. Using the form below, please send us an inquiry. Include as much information as possible as to the condition of the necktie. 
  2. Send a photo of your necktie to We will review the photo and condition of the necktie.  If it looks feasible, we will respond with the time-frame and pricing. Pricing is typically $95 per belt, and turn-around time is 2 weeks. 
  3. Send your neckties to the following address:

Logan Richard, 431 South Union Street, Unit 3, Burlington, VT 05401

      4. Once received, we will give the final decision on whether or not the necktie will work for our process. If it is appropriate, it will be cut and sewn  right here in New England. The final product will be a one-of-a-kind, personalized belt just for you. No one else in the world will have the same belt. 

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