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See below for a write up on the Burgundy & Blue Repp Stripe Belt by Great Lakes Prep.

Men's Burgundy & Blue Repp Stripe Belt 

Men's Burgundy & Blue Repp Stripe Belt 

To me it’s shocking that the repp stripe belt is not more of a thing. Kiel James Patrick kind of did it with its Brooks Brothers collaboration, except all the repp stripe was on the inside of the belt. Perhaps there’s just too much coordination to make sure you’re not wearing a silk tie and a silk belt, which I can picture as looking a little strange. But whatever the reasons, they shouldn’t stop you from putting a Burgundy and Blue Repp Stripe Belt fromLogan Richard around your waist.

Logan Richard began with a silk tie sewn onto a belt when the owner was in college. From there a one-of-a-kind belt was born. The belts are made from vegetable tanned leather sourced from Pennsylvania. The silk comes from a 17th century mill in England. It’s all assembled in Vermont. The silk in this case is a classic burgundy and blue repp stripe, one that looks amazing as a tie and somehow better as a belt. And if you’re into matching with your dog, you can get him the same silk in a leash and collar. If this is finally the start of the repp stripe belt, you can say you helped set the trend.